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  • 10 audio loops arranged in a group of 6/4
  • Last 2 audio loops stereo capability
  • 4 function control switches (Latched / Momentary)
  • Mute function and Popping noise reduction control
  • 126 preset memory locations
  • 25 banks of 5 presets, plus a Global Preset
  • 5 presets per bank/song
  • Song and Set mode
  • Create up to 99 songs
  • Organized the 99 songs in to 9 sets of 32 songs
  • Transmit up to 6 MIDI Program Change messages
  • One expression pedal port (global / per preset)
  • 2 line x 16 character LCD display with blue backlight
  • Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets
  • Easily name presets and songs
  • Heavy-duty footswitches and gold-plated relays
  • Powered by 12VDC(center negative) 300mA
  • Dimensions : 332(W) x 126(D) x 70(H) mm
    13.1(w) x 5.0(D) x 2.8(H) inches
  • Weight : 1,320g / 2.9lbs
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • $849 USD Street $749

The EFX MK IV is the ultimate floor based effects switching system. Compact, easy to use and fully programmable, the EFX MK IV features 8 audio loops and 4 function switches. In addition to the new function switches, the EFX MK IV now has 3 direct access pages for the ultimate in on stage convenience. The new EFX MK IV Audio Controller has 240 memory locations, configured as 60 banks of 4 presets, plus a global preset. It can transmit 5 MIDI Program Changes on 5 MIDI channels and 12 MIDI Control Changes on an appointed MIDI channel. The MK IV also includes one continuous controller port (XPDL), which can be programmed with its own MIDI channel and control number. The XPDL port can now also be used with a footswitch as well as a volume type controller. In addition, the 10-stage pop filter now can be set to any of the 10 levels, adding to the flexibility of this amazing unit. The EFX MK IV also has a mute function that is available in all modes of operation.

The EFX MK IV can be used in either preset mode or direct access mode, for ease of operation without programming.

The EFX Mk IV’s two low-noise, high quality buffers now have extended headroom to prevent the loss of guitar signal. The input buffer can be bypassed for Hi-Z input pedals such as Fuzz, etc. The EFX Mk IV Audio Controller is constructed with the highest quality parts, including heavy-duty, noiseless switches and gold-plated relays. It is a very compact and rugged steel enclosure (11″W x 5.2″D x 1.7″ Front Height x 2.2″ Rear Height).