Custom Wound Electric Bass Strings

For over 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to talk with thousands of artists about their guitar string preferences, designing specific strings to fit their needs. I am confident you will agree that my new guitar strings are the best possible for your guitar.
— Thank you for choosing Chris Campbell Custom Wound Strings.

Custom Wound 4-String Bass Sets

CW6001 – Nickel Wound Bass Light 40-60-80-100
CW6002 – Nickel Wound Bass Medium Light 45-65-80-100
CW6003 – Nickel Wound Bass Medium 45-65-85-105

Custom Wound 5-String Bass Sets

CW6004 – Nickel Wound Bass Light 40-60-80-100-120
CW6005 – Nickel Wound Bass Medium Light 45-65-80-100-120
CW6006 – Nickel Wound Bass Medium 45-65-85-105-125