Custom Wound Electric Guitar Strings

For over 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to talk with thousands of artists about their guitar string preferences, designing specific strings to fit their needs. I am confident you will agree that my new guitar strings are the best possible for your guitar.
— Thank you for choosing Chris Campbell Custom Wound Strings.

6-String Electric Guitar Sets

CW4701 – CC Nickel Steel XL – 8-11-14-22-30-38
CW4702 – CC Nickel Steel LT 9-11-16-24-32-42
CW4703 – CC Nickel Steel Custom Light 9-11-16-26-36-46
CW4704 – CC Nickel Steel Regular 10-13-17-26-36-46
CW4705 – CC Nickel Steel LTHB 10-13-17-30-42-52
CW4706 – CC Nickel Steel MED 11-14-18p-28-38-50
CW4707 – CC Nickel Steel MTHB 11-14-18p-30-42-54
CW4708 – CC Nickel Steel Blues Rock 11-14-18p-28-38-49
CW4709 – CC Nickel Steel Jazz Rock 11-14-18w-28-38-49
CW4710 – CC Nickel Steel Jazz LT 12-16-24w-32-42-52
CW4711 – CC Nickel Steel Jazz MED 13-17-26w-36-46-56
CW4712 – CC Nickel Steel Drop Tune MED 13-16-26w-36-46-56

7-String Electric Guitar Sets

CW4801 – CC 7-String Nickel Steel LT 9-11-16-24-32-42-52
CW4802 – CC 7-String Nickel Steel REG 10-13-17-26-36-46-58
CW4803 – CC 7-String Nickel Steel REG HVY 10-13-17-26-36-46-60
CW4804 – CC 7-String Nickel Steel MED 11-15-18p-28-38-52-62